Indoor Swings For Active Play - Things To Know Before You Buy

Posted on 04 October 2019

Lillagunga solid oak indoor ceiling kids trapeze swing

Bring the Playground Home


No matter their age, swings are often one of the first things that kids head to in the playground. But especially as the weather turns colder, wetter and darker heading to the playground can seem like a monumental task.

You can transport some of that park fun into into your own home or garden with one of the wooden activity toys from Lillagunga’s range of indoor and garden swings. Or why not let them become little acrobats with the gymnastics rings or trapeze? 

It is easy to fall in love with this stylish range from Lillagunga, but if you are not sure where to start or if an indoor swing is suitable for your home we have put together a buying guide to help you decide which swing is right for your family. 

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Child, Baby, Toddler and Swing Seats for active play

Child, Baby, Toddler and Swing Seats for indoor active play

Meet the Brand


Lillagunga is a Helsinki based company that makes beautifully designed and durable wooden activity toys for all the family; swings for adults, children and toddlers, as well as gymnastic rings, a trapeze and even a wooden rocking horse. 

"Our products will be used by our customers’ children and maybe even their grandchildren” Founder, Anton Stenfors.

The company’s vision is to encourage children to be more physically active, at a time where they spend more of their spare time on gadgets and technology.

Craftsmanship, high-quality, sustainable materials and design that truly stands out, Lillagunga has reinvented the traditional wooden swing family into long-lasting design classics that can be enjoyed by generations.  

The Lillagunga swing collection comes in a choice of oiled oak or white-painted birch as well as a wide range of different colour ropes. The classic swing has also just been launched in a walnut version and is suited for year round outdoor use. 

Cool indoor wooden swings for the kids room - Lillagunga UK Retailer
Cool indoor wooden swings for the kids room - Lillagunga UK Retailer

Buying Guide 


It is easy to fall in love with this amazing range of beautifully designed modern swings. If you need a little guidance before deciding whether a Lillagunga swing is suitable for your home, we have put together a buying guide to help answer some of the questions you may have. 

A Swing for any Age 


Make sure the swing you buy is aimed at the right age range. The Baby & Toddler Swing has tall sides and a fabric seat to keep little ones from sliding out while in the swing. It will provide safe swing-time for the youngest family members from approx. 6 months up till the age of three.

 The Classic Swing is suitable from three years of age until approximately 14 years (or max. weight capacity 60kgs) and like all Lillagunga products you can customise it with your choice of colour rope to get just the right thing for your space. 

For a swing that grown-ups can share choose the classic in grand and you'll be able to join in with the kids.

The Trapeze and the Gymnastics Rings, when installed correctly, can carry a weight up to 90 kgs and 100 kgs respectively. They are recommended for use from age three with adult supervision and can follow the child for the rest of their life. Lillagunga products have a very long life-spam  and can be used by generations of kids and well into adulthood too.

Best indoor baby and toddler swing with seat in oak Lillgunga UK retailer

Installation (it's easy, promise!) 


Luckily, it doesn't require any complicated DIY to hang a Lillagunga swing but it is important to carefully plan where you’re going to mount it.

To hang your swing safely you need to locate a bearing part of your ceiling, such as a joist or beam. You can buy a set of curl hooks which can be used to hang any Lillagunga product in ceilings made from concrete or wood. The hooks should be firmly attached so make sure you test carefully before use.

It is recommended that you leave a minimum of 2m both in front and behind the swing in a decluttered space. The swings can be easily taken down and stored away when not in use so there is no need to sacrifice you entire living space to accommodate the swing, just remove it after use until next time. 

Once your hooks are in place you can use them for any of the swings, trapeze or gymnastic rings.

You can also purchase a superb tree-kit which can be used to drape over a tree-branch or an exposed beam (no screws needed). 

Please make sure you follow the safety and installation guides carefully (downloadable from our website and enclosed with your purchase).

Best indoor wooden swings for the kids room - Lillagunga UK Retailer

Customise your rope colour and length


All Lillagunga products can be ordered with ropes in three different lengths to suit almost any space with a ceiling height between 2.0-4.8m. Use a tape measure and note down the height of your ceiling where you will be hanging the swing/trapeze/rings. Once you have the correct ceiling height each rope is also easily adjustable so that the swing height can also be raised or dropped (eg. as you child grows).

You can customise the look of your swing with a choice of ten vibrant rope colours. This option makes it perfect if you want to add a pop of colour  to suit the space you will behanging your swing from - or keep a simple, clean Scandinavian look with a black or beige rope.

Indoor or Outdoor?


All Lillagunga products are suitable for indoor use. The Lillagunga classic swing in walnut is suitable for year round outdoor use. Lillagunga in oak can be used outdoors but it is recommended not to leave them outside as exposure to sun and moisture will shorten their lifespan. But don't worry, if using the curl hooks they are easy to take down and store away when not in use. 
Lillagunga swings in white-painted birch can be used in a covered outdoor area such as a porch but is otherwise suitable for indoor use only. 

Playroom and garden kids swing in wood customisable ropesPlayroom and garden kids swing in FSC sustainable wood

Lillagungage indoor wooden kids gymnastics rings

Need further help?

Hopefully, this guide has helped answer some FAQs. If you have anh questions just get in touch or leave a comment below.

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Photo Credits: Lillagunga, @according_to_e@annakubel@b_l_a_n_c_h_e_85@sophieenvic@nicolaisen_j via Instagram. 

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