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Posted on 08 February 2020

Animal Wall Hanger Rugs Doing Goods

It's a summer ago, while visiting Ebeltoft a historical little town in Denmark close to where I grew up, that I first stumbled upon the animal rug designs by Doing Goods. It was apparent that these quirky animal wall hangers were something really special, not only standing out for their eye catching charm but also because one can tell that craft and skill has gone into their making. Who would be able to resist?

My son walked out of the shop with a tiger and my daughter left with a gorgeous polar bear which have looked over them carefully from one side of their bedrooms ever since.

Obviously, I went straight home to find out more about the brand behind these designs. I discovered Doing Goods have a fascinating brand story so with the launch, finally, of the Doing Goods animal head wall hangers here at BoNordic, let me tell you a little bit more about their story and why I am really excited to welcome this family of signature animal wall decorations to the shop.

Doing Goods Tapis Amis Rug Collection

Founded in 2010 in Amsterdam, Doing Goods aims to do exactly what is in their name; make good on the promise of working respectfully with the communities they collaborate with and creating unique, one of a kind designs.

By building their own workshop in India and employing a skilled family team, they have created their own community which thrives because of their commitment to paying its workers fair wages and providing sufficient breaks and time off.

We do not believe that we can change the world. We are, however, convinced that we can improve people’s lives with honesty, authenticity and fair play. We strive to do this a step, day and project at a time” say the founders. 

Doing Goods is a brand that celebrates doing things a little different and we are delighted to be able to stock this brand which is not widely available anywhere in the UK.

Made from 100% wool and each tufted by hand, the Tapis Amis collection is a quirky range of mini wall rugs depicting some of the true giants from the animal kingdom. These mini rugs are perfect as wall decoration/hanger for all animal loving minis - these pieces simply can’t fail to make you smile.

As I've said many times over, I love design where longevity is key. With these wall rugs great quality craftsmanship means these wall hangers are made to last. They will look great in the bedroom of kids of all ages so when you purchase one of these pieces you know that it will be a family friend for a lifetime. 

To view the collection click here.

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